• Golf Weight Training

    Golf Weight Training: The Techniques You Need

    Sport Fitness discusses this program that was specifically designed to let you cope with the demand of the game? Why is strength training important at every level of the game? This is going to let you enhance your ability to produce power, and counteract any imbalances that go along with swinging a club. Just a tip: before performing the workout guide, make sure to see a healthcare professional first. This is one of the best ways to prevent golf-related injuries however; it's another story if you've got a pre-existing condition. Simply put, check with your doctor first. The basics involve splitting the program into 3 phases. Each [...]
  • exercises for arm growth

    Exercises For Arm Growth: Your Ticket To Bigger Guns

    T-Nation's Joel Seedman gives us tips about biceps exercises that can help with arm growth. These are quite effective in enhancing biceps and stimulating the muscle group. These six variations will surely make it happen for you. One good example is the standing curl. This is an awesome mass-builder because it's got more tension throughout the entire movement. Check out the authors tips on how to execute this exercise correctly. The Kettlebell Cure for Small Biceps Kettlebells provide exclusive benefits and unique kinds of biceps stimulation that are difficult to replicate with dumbbells and barbells. Here are six variations of [...]
  • Train Like A Gymnast

    Train Like A Gymnast, Get A Body Like A Gymnast

    Breaking Muscle gives us an idea how gymnastics can build your body in just a matter of weeks. The skills involved are specifically designed to build on each other for the first eight weeks. The last four will be about combining past and new skills and turning them into complex routines that mimic portions of floors and ring routines. The workouts can be performed five days every week. Train Like A Gymnast: Bodyweight Skills, Strength, And Flexibility The skills in this cycle of gymnastics workouts are designed to build on each other over the first eight weeks. The final four weeks will be putting past skills and new skills [...]
  • Boost Sports Performance Liquid Grip

    Boost Sports Performance Liquid Grip

    These are the excellent workouts that you can use in order to boost sports performance. Whether you're looking for a good workout for your off-season training, or simply searching for something that can pump up your fitness level, check these out. If you're a football athlete, Muscle and Strength has got some serious tips for you. Get ready to put your strength coaches into shock while dominating your competition. You can totally envision yourself picking up that trophy and celebrating victory with your teammates. Turn that vision into reality with this off season football workout with these techniques. Maintaining your muscle mass, [...]