Weightlifters and Advantages of Using Liquid Grip

When it comes to weightlifting, grip is essential and liquid grip should be a part of the inventory. Weightlifters are often looking for ways for them to be able to improve on their grip, this is because of the fact that it allows them to lift heavier weight, if they were to use nothing and lift the weight, a lot of the time they just would not be able to get the most out of their lifts. 

The standard grip usually gives out before some of the larger muscle groups, for example on the deadlift. Users often find that their deadlift is hitting a plateau, not because of their back and leg strength, but because their grip simply cannot hold onto that kind of weight and they therefore look to things to help them improve their grip.

This is where Liquid Chalk comes into play.

How Does Liquid Chalk Help?

Liquid Grip is something that has been highly recommended by many coaches and trainers as well as weightlifters themselves who say in their reviews that it has greatly assisted them to be able to improve on their lifts. The first time liquid grip was introduced was back in 2010 at the Arnold Sports Festival, this was a great place to show case this unique product for the first time as there were a lot of athletes at the event and liquid grip appeals to an enormous range of different kinds of people for all kinds of different purposes. 

How it is Used

So let’s quickly outline what it is and how it can be used to vastly improve a weightlifter performance and experience.

Liquid grip is a substance that allows rosin and chalk to be mixed together in a new formula due to the fact that it is a water based hydrocellulose thickener. The main ingredients contain alcohol, thickening agents, and magnesium carbonate.

So how exactly can it help with enhancing the grip of weightlifters?

Liquid Grip Vs Regular Chalk

Well once it is applied, all you have to do is rub it into your hands and it dries within a matter of seconds, leaving you with a feeling like there is another layer on top of your skin, this helps to promote increased amounts of friction as well as a very long lasting grip. It is essentially quite similar to when people use chalk apart from the fact that liquid grip is more desirable in every aspect.

The fact that it is able to dry on your hands once applied almost instantly is great for weightlifters as they want to be able to apply the liquid grip right when they need it, before a lift, therefore there is not time wasted. For years weightlifters have enjoyed the beneficial effects of its longevity properties.

The only thing you have to do in order to be able to sustain a solid grasp for 90 minutes is to apply it once at the beginning of the workout. This requires minimal time wasting having to be reapplying throughout the session, which is what tends to happen for users who use standard chalk, and more time is able to go towards preparing for the lifts. When mentioning liquid chalk, many people pose the question as to what is so good about this product, well as you have seen so far, it is superior to regular white chalk in a number of ways, just look on our liquid grip Canada website’s testimonial page, the reviews from all the different kinds of people using it will tell you how great of a product it is. 

Positive Feedback

Weightlifters have been a key part of the people who have left feedback and they have been very pleased with the product as it helps to develop their grip strength even further which in turn helps them with all of their lifts.  When it comes to using standard white chalk, there is just a massive mess created, this is not the case with liquid grip and this is another one of the highlights that have been said by users of the product.

However, another one of the leading reasons as to why many weightlifters are choosing liquid grip over chalk is because of the fact that when you start sweating, this product starts to work better. So of course for a weightlifter, this is going to be perfect as they often end up sweating during the activity of lifting weights and this would be a problem with normal chalk because of the fact that it would make their grip worse and therefore they would have to keep on applying the chalk over and over during the session.

When you sweat with liquid grip, the product works even better as it is able to bind itself to the fatty acids on the skin and actually improve your grip. So as you have seen, weightlifters are able to greatly benefit from using liquid chalk however it can be used for a wide range of different purposes and is proving to be a very popular product amongst athletes. 

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