It’s not rocket science that you need to have a strong grasp when lifting weights. Well, just imagine if you have weak (and sweaty) hands, and you’re lifting a barbell. There’s a great chance that you will hurt yourself when it slips out of your hand. Ouch.

One of the most important things that you have to enhance is your grip strength for deadlifts, but we’ll get to that.

First, check this article as owner and head coach of the national-medalist Catalyst Athletics weightlifting team Greg Everett shares his grip program:


I’ve written about grip strength for weightlifting before, but have remained fairly vague with regard to actual training protocols. This time, I’m going to give you a simple program that you can start using right away as is, or modify a bit to suit your training schedule or individual needs. Read more…

In particular, here’s a very informational article on how you can increase your hand strength when doing deadlifts, with a few life-saving tips, on Strong Lifts:

How to Increase Your Grip Strength For Deadlifts

The best way to increase grip strength for Deadlifts is to use white knuckling, chalk and the mixed grip. Squeeze the bar hard until your knuckles turn white. Use chalk to absorb sweat. Grip the bar with one hand facing up, one down. For extra grip work, do static holds. Read more…

As you’ve read, the use of chalk is very important when lifting weights. Rob Fitzgerald discusses more of its importance on Muscle and Fitness:


Want a massive lat spread and traps that start up by your ears? Stack plates on a barbell and pull from all angles. In most commercial gyms, however, you wont find barbells designed with this purpose in mind. They’re worn, they’re slick, and they’re not manufactured with raised knurling—the diamond-shaped cross-cut pattern that helps you hang onto the bar. Read more…

Liquid hand chalk is really amazing because it provides you a natural boost in your overall hold and ensures that your hands dont get sweaty while working out. Therefore, you’ll be able to perform at your maximum.

Instead of using regular chalk, try liquid hand chalk. One small application will give you long lasting results. It’s ideal for fitness facilities that do not allow the use of chalk because of the mess it leaves but with Liquid Grip you have no mess whatsoever, it dries in seconds after applying, and most importantly, it promotes a stronger hold . Plus, it can even last for up to 90 minutes, so you don’t ever have to worry about applying it over and over!

Whether it’s for deadlifts, pull ups, or other moves, you really need to improve your hold to get the most gains out of your workout routines.