Our customers depend on us to gain that competitive edge in their sport or training. Liquid Grip has created a product that is far superior than any other substitute for rosin or chalk. See what Liquid Grip users have to say and take the Liquid Grip Challenge today!

“Hands down, or as an aerialist it’s better suited to say , “hands up” ,Liquid grip is the highest quality grip I have ever gotten my hands on, no pun intended ha-ha!

Liquid grip lasts, has the perfect amount of grip, and gives me the confidence I need before stepping out on stage for a competition or performance.

No other brand I’ve tried has delivered on its promises but Liquid grip has nailed it with their quality. I find other grips to either be too runny, too tacky, or literally watch as they rub off my hands when in contact with the pole.

Thank you Liquid grip, for delivering a high quality product that works and helps me to continuously reach new personal goals.”

Lynsey-Vienna---Pole-Fitness-Athlete-Lynsey Vienna

Pole Fitness Athlete

“Liquid Grip is very good. I use it in training and also I used it in Paris where I set 3 world records: farmers walk, log lift and front hold.”

   Zydrunas Savickas

    World’s Strongest Man

 “I use Liquid Grip to give me the added insurance to blast past my competition and keep winning titles. Using just a small amount of this stuff is incredible! I have the grip strength that matches well with any wrist wrap out there, and the only thing that can force you to let go of the weight is your own will.”

   David Henry

     IFBB Pro

 “Liquid Grip is empowering! With one application, there is immediate improvement in a softball player’s dexterity, awareness and grip strength. Liquid Grip combats the challenges of sweat and rain and is a must have for every player’s equipment bag.”

   Denise Davis

    Professional Softball Coach

“I coach at Winthrop University, a Division 1 softball program. I recommend my athletes use it when it is raining for additional grip on the ball. Thank you Liquid Grip for the great product!”

   Brooke Le Sage

    Assistant Softball Coach – Winthrop University

 “I used Liquid Grip at 2011 Arnold Strongman Challenge, when I broke the world record with the Timber Carry. I carried 1050 lb up a ramp a distance of 40 feet. Liquid Grip works!”

   Nick Best

    World’s Strongest Man Competitor