Why Use Liquid Grip When Cheering

In cheerleading, you aren’t just looking out for yourself — you’re looking out for your whole team. Stunts can require a great amount of lifting, tossing, and catching your teammates. Everyone counts on each other to perform to the best of their ability; it’s not just for show, but also to prevent injury from falls and strains. Because of this, being able to maintain a stable grip is incredibly important. Liquid grip is perfect for cheerleaders because it will keep your palms dry for a full 90 minutes, no matter how sweaty you get. Plus, it can be applied discreetly and it will not leave any messy residue on your uniforms. This means you can have increased safety and the best grip possible at all times without compromising the cleanliness and appearance of your squad.

What is Liquid Chalk?

The advantages of rosin, chalk, and tacky solutions are all combined in Liquid Grip, giving you one incredible product that works as hard as you do. The rosin and chalk in Liquid Grip are suspended in a water based, hydrocellulose thickener. This can be applied neatly over your palms and fingers to provide a discrete, but effective, gripping surface which binds with the fatty acids in your skin so that it can withstand even the sweatiest days. In fact, it works even better when you are sweating, giving you 90 minutes of worry-free performance without breaking down or flaking off. There is no mess, no residue to clean up, and it washes off easily with soap and water. Despite its durability and long-lasting benefits, you will never find yourself scrubbing away between your fingers or picking bits of Liquid Grip out from under your nails hours after washing.

Why is it Better Than Powdered Chalk?

There’s no doubt that powdered chalk and rosin are great for keeping your skin dry, but they come with a lot of messy drawbacks. They have to be frequently reapplied, especially if you are sweating. The clouds of irritating dust created by dry chalk and rosin can be dangerous to inhale, too, and overuse of loose powders can even cause eye irritation during stunts. Liquid Grip, on the other hand, spreads cleanly over your skin and dries in seconds. It won’t degrade for a full hour and a half, even with sweat or humidity. With its smooth, hassle-free application and quick-drying formula, Liquid Grip simply surpasses all other gripping solutions.

All-Natural Ingredients

When you use products that will be touching not only your own skin, but the arms, hands and legs of your teammates, you want to be sure that it is free of harsh chemicals and other potentially painful side-effects. Liquid Grip is made from 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients, and it even has antibacterial properties. The surface feeling is also neither unpleasant nor harsh; it is more like a flexible layer of chalk that is slightly rough, a little bit syrupy, and extremely durable. This means you can rely on Liquid Grip to not only perform to the sort of high quality standards you require, but to also be safe and comfortable each and every time you use it.

Why Use Liquid Grip?

Slippery, sweaty skin, as well as blistering and abrasions on your hands, can lead to unnecessary wobbling, missed stunts, and weak base positioning. With our product your hands will stay dry for a full hour and a half, and because there is no residue, the crisp presentation of your team’s uniforms will be protected. The liquid chalk dries in a thin, flexible layer which will help protect your skin from blisters and other minor injuries. It’s just right for anyone looking to help keep their hands dry in a clean, effective, discrete way, and it can be just the thing to give your team the edge they need while competing. You can use it during your workout time as well, since it is perfect for a wide variety of uses in the gym, including pole fitness and weight training.

Should You Try It?

This product is useful for any active sport or exercise regime that requires you to maintain an effective grip. For cheerleading, it will help you perform even the most difficult stunts to the best of your ability without worrying about sweaty skin or painful blisters slowing you down. Every time you need to learn a new routine, perform outdoors on a hot day, combat sweat from nerves, or simply want to maintain an edge over the competition, Liquid Grip can be your solution to completely maximizing your time and effort.

Who Uses It?

Liquid chalk is ideal for competitive sports as well as everyday fitness routines. In fact, anywhere you see people taking an active approach to their personal health, Liquid Grip has a place in someone’s gym bag. It’s is versatile, easy to carry, simple to use, and packed with benefits. It’s approved for use in many professional organizations and is recommended by a variety of athletes and sports experts. It’s simple, clean, practical, and it can give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition and keep your squad safe.

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