Gymnastics just might be one of the world’s most popular events to watch come Olympics time. All that grace, power, speed, and beauty is fascinating even for people who don’t normally pay attention to sports. But pulling off those routines is no easy feat: It takes true skill, incredible determination, and an immensely powerful body… not to mention years of training and dedication. In all that training, and during every performance, a gymnast’s hands must not only be prepared to catch and grip without slipping, but they must also be protected from wear and tear. Liquid Grip outperforms any other gripping solution on the market by providing a long-lasting, superior grasping surface which can simultaneously reduce the occurrence of blisters and other minor skin injuries. Not only that, but it does so without any mess. It cleans up easily with soap and water, never leaves behind any marks or residue, and is guaranteed to stay put regardless of how much you sweat.

Yeah, But in The Olympics…

In a perfect world, gymnasts would use nothing but their bare hands all the time. Skin would never tear or blister, fingers would never slip, and that tight grip on the parallel bar would never falter. However, we all know that the world isn’t perfect, and gripping tools such as chalk and tacky spray have become staples in gymnasiums. Some Olympic gymnasts have even been known to use food items like honey or syrup on their hands. That same honey gets mixed with powdered chalk to form a sticky slurry, which is absolutely messy and almost never gets properly cleaned up. Imagine how filthy that would be after several weeks of training – no amount of health benefits in honey could possibly make up for days upon days of sweat and dirt crusting up on the bars, beams, rings, and mats. And imagine how much nicer the gym would be if everyone used a solution which didn’t leave behind a horrid mess. No more wasting time on hosing down equipment. No more pulling out the sandpaper to scrub away stubborn lumps of caked-on chalk dough. No more washing your whole gym bag just because someone was too messy with the chalk bucket or left a puddle of goop on the floor. Liquid Grip is quite simply the best gripping agent for gymnastics, and you’ll never ever have to mess with that honey slop. 

So What Is It?

Liquid Grip is unique in that it combines the benefits of rosin, chalk, and even tacky solutions all into one convenient product. The rosin and chalk in Liquid Grip are suspended in a water-based, hydrocellulose thickener which applies similarly to a cream or lotion. You simply smooth it over any area of skin where you wish to have an improved gripping surface, and it dries in seconds. The liquid chalk binds with the fatty acids in your skin to create an extremely durable, yet highly flexible gripping surface that will not crumble away or rub off during your workout. This gripping surface is like a “second skin” which, in addition to having a slightly syrupy tackiness, will keep your palms (or wherever you choose to apply it) dry regardless of how much you sweat. In fact, because it is binding to the fatty acids in your skin, it will only work better and better with more sweat. It creates no mess, never leaves behind any residue on your equipment, and washes off easily with soap and water.

Who Uses It?

Anyone in the field of gymnastics, from a brand new beginner on his or her very first day to an Olympic competitor, can benefit from the use of Liquid Grip. Youth gymnastics is a great time to introduce the idea of liquid chalk as an alternative to the incredibly messy old ways of powdered chalk, honey, sticky sprays, and other concoctions. Not only will it be much easier on young hands, but it will help protect the investment of uniforms, exercise clothing, and other equipment for a long time to come. Liquid Grip is also incredibly practical, as it is a single-item gripping tool that comes in easy-to-carry bottles which are perfect for any gym bag. 

Not Just for Hands

For gymnasts who prefer to chalk their legs on events such as the high bar or uneven parallel bars, Liquid Grip can easily be applied anywhere you have exposed skin and need additional grip support. It can even be used on your feet! Liquid Grip is truly the most versatile and useful gymnastics grip available on the market. It can even be used in conjunction with gymnastics wrist guards, as it smooths very easily along your fingers to avoid the fabric so no mess is made. Liquid Grip goes only where you want it to go, stays where you apply it, and washes off far easier than any other gripping agent.

Liquid Grip vs. Regular Chalk

Okay, so honey and syrup and tacky sprays are messy. What about plain chalk? How does Liquid Grip compare? Unfortunately, anyone who has spent any amount of time around regular chalk, even block chalk, knows how much of a problem it can be. And rosin, like the rosin bags baseball players use, is no better. Chalk and rosin have to be frequently reapplied, especially if you are sweating. Worst of all, it gets all over everything each time you go to reapply, and that means you are regularly creating clouds of irritating dust which can be dangerous to inhale. And should you get sweaty, or happen to mix the chalk on your hands with water, you’ve got yourself a recipe for “chalk icing” which is unsightly and annoying to clean up. Liquid Grip, on the other hand, spreads cleanly over your skin… and it stays there. Period. It won’t degrade for a full hour and a half, even with sweat or extensive exercising. This means you get all the friction benefits of rosin and chalk, but without any messy powder on the floor or dust lingering in the air to get in your lungs and eyes. Liquid chalk is the most hassle-free gripping tool available due to its smooth application and quick-drying formula.

Who Should Try It?

Liquid Grip is useful for any active sport or exercise regime that requires you to maintain an effective grip. For gymnastics, it will help you perform even the most complex routines to the best of your ability without worrying about sweaty skin or painful blisters slowing you down. Whenever you need to hit the gym for practice, combat sweat from exertion or nerves, or if you simply want to maintain an edge over the competition, Liquid Grip can be your solution to completely maximizing your time and effort.

Where is Liquid Grip Used?

Anywhere you see people taking an active approach to their personal health, Liquid Grip has a place in someone’s gym bag. Liquid Grip is versatile, easy to carry, simple to use, and packed with benefits. It’s approved for use in many professional organizations and is recommended by a variety of athletes and sports experts. Our Reviews page on lists an assortment of testimonials from fitness specialists in Canada and beyond. It’s safe, practical, and the only choice for any gymnast wanting to get the very best grip without sacrificing cleanliness and efficiency.

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