Bowling With Liquid Hand Chalk

Whether you bowl on the lanes or on the lawn, your game can only improve with better control. Indoors, sweat and fatigue can lead to poor grip strength, low scores, lofting, and mounting frustration. Outdoors, slick conditions from mud, dew, or rain only compound the problem. Bowling with liquid hand chalk, either on its own or in combination with grip wax, can significantly enhance your game while protecting both your hands and your equipment. With less slippage and better overall control, no matter where you bowl or what level of competitiveness you enjoy, your scores will improve and your time spent practicing will be more efficient and productive.

Bowling Indoors

Indoors, if you are using an in-house ball, Liquid Grip is the perfect solution for practicing or competing because it is 100% mess-free. Since you are generally unable to condition in-house balls, Liquid Grip is an ideal choice due to the fact that it is applied directly to your skin and it leaves behind no residue whatsoever. Furthermore, because in-house balls are not drilled to your fingers’ particular dimensions, bowling with liquid chalk is the smartest option available, whether you are a casual bowler or part of a league. Your fingers will have the best gripping power possible without any extra bulk, and you can experience the same level of comfort and control as you would with gloves without having to deal with the added sweat. You also won’t make a mess like you would with powdered chalk or resin, which could irritate your fellow bowlers or even be against alley policy.

Liquid Chalk Improves Your Game

This product is also perfect for bowlers who own and use their own ball. Used in combination with your favourite conditioners, liquid chalk will help you perfect your throw, controlling your spin and reducing slippage even if your hands begin to sweat or fatigue sets in. And while the conditioners protect your bowling ball, Liquid Grip will protect your skin from damage, preventing blistering and other painful friction injuries. Additionally, similar to people who use in-house balls, you won’t be making a mess with powdered chalk and resin, which your fellow bowlers will appreciate. Liquid chalk is also far more durable and versatile due to the fact that it can be applied in specific areas and it won’t rub off or degrade with sweat and wear. You can have an incredible amount of benefits and zero drawbacks, all packed in an easy to carry bottle that can go with you anywhere.

What About Outdoor Bowling?

Outdoors, liquid hand chalk is similarly ideal for lawn bowling in that it will keep your hands dry for a full hour and a half without need for reapplication. No matter how wet or slick conditions get, you will be able to maintain an effective grip without compromising any polishes or grip waxes already applied to your bowl. You can completely eliminate the need to use gloves while simultaneously improving your game.

What Is It?

Liquid Grip is the most convenient and simple-to-use solution available due to its fast-drying liquid formula. It can be applied only to the fingers if desired or to the entire hand. Made from 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients, Liquid Grip is also a great choice for anyone who prefers not to have a multitude of chemicals all over their skin and equipment. The rosin and chalk in Liquid Grip are suspended in a long-lasting, water-based, hydrocellulose formula that dries in seconds. The gripping surface provided will feel a little rough, somewhat syrupy, flexible, and highly durable for 90 minutes. When you’re finished, it easily washes off with soap and water. You’ll never find yourself washing powdery sprays out of your clothes or struggling to remove residue from your bowling balls, nor will you have to pick it out from between your fingers hours after a game like you would with a tacky compound. This product brings you exceptional quality and all the positives of chalk, rosin, and tacky solutions without any of the drawbacks.

Wrist Supports Plus Liquid Grip

Liquid Grip can also be used in combination with wrist supports. By applying the liquid chalk only to the exposed fingertips on a supportive glove, bowlers can achieve superior grip without sacrificing the wrist protection they need. The result is an all-around safe and effective solution that will keep you performing at your very best every time you step up to the lane or out onto the lawn.

It’s Time To Use Liquid Chalk

If you are a bowler or if you participate in any other active sport that requires you to maintain an effective grip, then you are looking at a lot of benefits in a very simple-to-use formula. It’s legal to use in many professional organizations and comes highly recommended by a number of athletes and specialists. Liquid Grip is the number one gripping solution for anyone looking to improve their game and maintain an edge over the competition.

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