Liquid Grip Enhances CrossFit

If you’re doing CrossFit, your hands end up taking a lot of punishment, especially on the bars. Some people might think that injured hands are a badge of honour after an intense CrossFit workout, but in reality, torn skin and blistered palms are just going to slow you down and keep you from giving your all during your next session. Many CrossFitters turn to buckets of chalk to prevent tearing, but the powder gets all over everything else, too, which is annoying for everyone at the gym. With Liquid Grip, you can protect your skin, improve your grip, and enhance your overall performance, all while keeping your clothes and workout station clean.

Why Use This Product?

Liquid Grip will enhance CrossFit workouts in a number of ways. The first and most obvious is that it can completely eliminate the need to use the chalk bucket. Not only that, but Liquid Grip lasts for 90 minutes without degrading in quality, no matter how much you sweat, so that leaves you with even more time to focus on your workout of the day. Second, it provides an excellent gripping surface that is perfect for improving your hold on the bars. Because Liquid Grip lasts for so long and makes zero mess, you can apply it before you begin your reps and get through even the most intense WOD without interruptions. Third, it protects your skin. Sure, that first skin rip might feel like an initiation into the CrossFit Club, but after that? You can get more out of your workout than torn skin and blisters. With Liquid Grip, you’ll have a protective, antibacterial layer that is almost like a “second skin” on your palms. Even the sweatiest hands will stay dry and clean, leaving you to focus on the important things: Technique, intensity, and the full spectrum of physical fitness.

What is Liquid Chalk?

The idea behind liquid chalk is simple, but effective. The chalk and rosin are suspended in a water-based, hydrocellulose thickener that dries quickly and binds to the fatty acids in your skin. This leaves you with a highly durable, slightly rough surface on your skin that is just a little bit syrupy and absolutely mess-free. Liquid Grip lasts for a full 90 minutes without rubbing off or flaking apart, and won’t leave any residue on your equipment and clothing. The more you sweat, the better it works, so your hands will stay dry even on the most intense workout days.

Ditch the Chalk Bucket

Every CrossFit gym has seen it: The sweaty “icing” on the bars, the ring of “snow” around the chalk bucket, and the powdery explosion of dust clouds in the air from the “chalk clapper.” Chalk is a mess, no doubt about it. It might work nicely enough, but Liquid Grip is simply a far more efficient and effective solution for grip, safety, cleanliness, and skin protection. You can apply it exactly where you want it and have all the benefits of chalk, rosin, and tacky grips for an hour and a half, regardless of how hard you are on it or how wet it gets. No longer will you waste time going back and forth to the chalk bucket or make a powdery mess everywhere you go. You won’t have to breathe in potentially harmful chalk dust or deal with it getting into your eyes, on your clothes, and all over the floor. When you’re done, it washes off with soap and water — no extra scrubbing necessary. Best of all, the ingredients are 100% natural and biodegradable, so you know you aren’t putting harsh chemicals on your skin and it’s useful even for the strictest natural-life CrossFitter. Plus, it comes in a convenient, easy-to-carry carabiner bottle that can travel with you anywhere.

Liquid Chalk for All CrossFitters

When your hands are dry and protected, you can focus more intensely on maintaining proper technique and form throughout your entire workout. With Liquid Grip, your hands won’t slip on the bars and you can feel secure about your grip while performing even the most difficult CrossFit exercises. Liquid Grip will enhance your CrossFit experience whether you are a beginner or the most experienced firebreather in your gym. Your gym and fellow CrossFitters will appreciate the reduction in mess, and your body will appreciate the higher quality workouts you will be able to achieve.

Where is It Used?

Anywhere you see people taking an active approach to their personal health and physical fitness, Liquid Grip has a place in someone’s gym bag. Liquid chalk is versatile, easy to carry, simple to use, and packed with benefits. It’s legal to use in many professional organizations and comes highly recommended by a number of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It’s clean, practical, and it can give you the edge you need to stay on top of your workout and achieve maximum results.

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