Improve Your Rugby Game With Liquid Grip

Generally considered to be one of the most rough-and-tumble sports, rugby requires a combination of skill and physical fortitude. Any rugby player knows some of the most important plays rely on split-second reactions, and the last thing you need is for slippery conditions to get in your way with dropped balls and tackle busts. Liquid Grip can help you compete at your peak performance levels, no matter how wet, muddy, or sweaty your hands get. The water-based mixture of magnesium carbonate, alcohol, and thickener in Liquid Grip binds to the fatty acids in your skin to create an incredible, durable, and reliable gripping surface for a full 90 minutes. A better grip means more control over the ball during passes, resulting in superior accuracy and fewer dropped catches. It also means you will have a tighter hold during tackles and while carrying the ball.

Improved Accuracy, Better Performance

Even a small amount of rain, sweat, or mud can be ruinous when it means your hands are too slick to maintain a solid grip on the ball. Slippage during passing can lead to wobbly, difficult to catch throws and a loss of precision. Even worse, a highly inaccurate pass could lead to the opposition being granted a scrum, and when the competition is high, the last thing you want is to have sloppy control be the deciding factor between a loss and a win. If you want to perform at your very best, Liquid Grip can help you bring out your peak efficiency without slowing you down in any way. The liquid chalk is easy to apply, dries quickly, and never rubs off or leaves any sort of residue on your uniforms and equipment. Your teammates will also appreciate not having any stickiness or chalky substances stuck to the ball after you’ve had your hands on it, as well. So not only will it benefit you, but it won’t interfere with the rest of your team’s performance and play-style.

What About Novice Athletes?

Perfecting a pass with smooth spiral action can be difficult for athletes new to rugby. While Liquid Grip is a high-quality gripping solution used by professional and university players alike, it can also have great benefits for beginners. The rough, slightly syrupy surface is perfect for learning how to make the most accurate passes possible. It is also much more useful for training sessions than other gripping tools, such as powdered chalk, because it lasts for a full hour and a half without any need for re-application — and it works incredibly well regardless of how hard you are on your hands. And with the increased time out on the field, you can rest assured that Liquid Grip will even help provide some protection against blistering, so those with unprepared hands won’t be put out of action after just one long day. You can also take it straight from the field into the gym, or vice-versa, since Liquid Grip is a versatile product that is helpful for a wide range of sports and fitness activities.

Why Is It Better Than Chalk?

Powdered chalk and rosin are messy, no matter how careful you are. Using those products also exposes you to irritating and potentially harmful dust, which can get in your lungs and eyes. Not only that, but they have to be reapplied frequently, especially if your hands get wet, and that is exactly what Liquid Grip is putting a stop to. Instead of a powder, the rosin and chalk in Liquid Grip are suspended in a long-lasting, water-based, hydrocellulose formula that dries in seconds. Your hands will feel dry for a full 90 minutes and the gripping surface provided will feel a little rough, somewhat syrupy, flexible, and highly durable. It works even better when you’re sweating, it doesn’t rub off on your equipment or make a mess on your clothing, and it’s made of 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients.

How Clean Is It?

When you’re finished, it washes off with soap and water. You’ll never find yourself scrubbing away at your uniform or exercise gear, nor will you have to pick it out from between your fingers hours after a game like you would with a tacky compound. Liquid Grip is the most hassle-free option available, bringing you exceptional quality and all the positives of chalk, rosin, and tacky solutions without any of the drawbacks.

Is It For You?

If you are a rugby player or if you enjoy playing any sport that requires you to maintain an effective grip, then you are looking at a lot of benefits in a very easy-to-use formula. It’s legal to use in many professional organizations and comes highly recommended by a number of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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