Liquid Chalk and Basketball

What is Liquid Chalk?

When it comes to using liquid chalk, this is probably a term that a lot of people are not too familiar with due to the fact that it has become a revolution in grip technology and therefore not a lot of people know too much about what it is about. It is basically the same concept as when you see people using chalk for a number of different things from golf to bodybuilding but they all have the same purpose. To improve grip.

Let’s start off by explaining what liquid chalk really is. It is a hydrocellulose thickener that allows rosin and chalk to be to be mixed together and it is water based. When you go to apply the product, you will find that it dries almost instantly.

How it Works

This new liquid form of chalk however binds itself to the fatty acids in your skin and enhances your ability to grip things for a longer duration of time. It is very likely to become a very popular product due to the fact that it does the exact same thing that regular chalk does, except it is able to do it without all of the mess. No marks or stains are left on the clothing or equipment that has been used, another one of the huge advancements with this version of chalk includes the fact that its grip abilities are not effected by rain or sweat.

Liquid grip has been regarded by many as being a whole lot better when compared to the standard version of chalk. It tends to be more effective for specific movements and equipment or even sports, it has been known to have been used in golf, weightlifting and in basketball.

Benefits of Liquid Chalk in Basketball

In basketball grip is absolutely essential due to the fact that it allows the players to be able to have greater control over the ball and there is a smaller chance of the basketball slipping through their fingers. Of course this can prove to be a very helpful thing for basketball players who are playing on the court at a fast pace as each pass may count. If you mess up one of these plays due to the fact that you just didn’t have the grip, you will be kicking yourself knowing that a product like liquid chalk was available. 

Liquid grip is ideal for basketball players because of the fact that it does not cause any mess on the court, normal chalk would leave all kinds of residue on the floor which could end up affecting the game. Another huge benefit to this product being completely mess-free is the fact that it does not cause any stains on the uniforms so the players do not have to worry about this aspect. Another reason as to why it is perfect for basketball players is because once you have applied it, you do not need to keep on coming back for more, so you are able to simply apply the liquid chalk at the beginning of the game and your grip should last up until the end. You ever seen a basketball game where a player has a free throw and they always want to use rosin and they end up applying it to themselves multiple times three or four times each game in order to keep their grip ability effective.

So, know you are aware of what liquid grip is, if you did not know already, and how it can be used by basketball players in particular in order to step up their game without having to worry about putting things like rosin on their hands every now and then throughout the game. They can just apply it once with no residue whatsoever.

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