Liquid Grip 1.5 oz Carabiner Bottle

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Liquid Grip 1.5 oz Carabiner Bottle

Portable 1.5 fl oz size is ideal for clipping on your keys, bag, or clothes. Refillable with the 8 fl oz bottle.

4 reviews for Liquid Grip 1.5 oz Carabiner Bottle

  1. Dana F

    Wow! I love it! Very little mess and a small drop lasts for my entire workout. Convenient size for carrying around with me!

  2. Dan Robertson

    Love that it doesn’t leave chalk everywhere! and it clips to my belt!

  3. Douglas Pepin

    Doesn’t mess up your weights when you use it! Flip top can cake up, but you can always open the screw top to get the product! Overall great to have, fits right in your pocket!

  4. Chelsea D

    Works 10 times better then regular chalk and leaves no mess! Just remember to wash your hands (to re hydrate them) after every use.

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