Liquid Grip 8 oz Bottle

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Liquid Grip 8 oz Bottle

Not too big, not too small. Convenient flip top bottle design is great to keep in your gym or sports bag or for refilling your carabiner bottle.

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5 reviews for Liquid Grip 8 oz Bottle

  1. Ron Bertrand

    I am very surprised at how well this works! I lift at a gym that does not allow chalk and was looking for a good alternative. This is it! Great stuff

  2. Samantha G

    Provides great grip compared to traditional chalk.

  3. Nick B

    I got this a few days ago, and have been using it since. Leaves absolutely no mess or even a trace on any gym equipment and it lasts! I definitely recommend this!

  4. Steve Norrad

    I love this product. It’s easy to use and it really improved my grip. Way better than chalk!

  5. Lisa Porter

    I finally ditched the gloves at the gym after realizing they were leading to problems with big callouses and my grip slipping during deadlifts and chin ups! One dime/nickel size drop lasts a full lifting session.!

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